Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Bath Bombs

Give your girl friends some love this Valentine’s Day. Make a pretty bath bombs. And not just for your friends, but for your colleagues and family members as well. We all need some pampering time and we can all do it at the comforts of our home. We appreciate all the relaxing time that we need, even just for a few minutes a day.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Bath Bombs

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It’s the perfect time to try it if you haven’t made a bath bombs before. Go to your kitchen and grab some baking soda. You can use your favorite essential oil and some dried flowers.

Bath Bomb Making Kit

Fun iPhone Cases Makeover

Are you already bored with your phone case? Hey, you don’t need to buy new one, which we know can really be expensive. Just use your creativity and give your plain boring case a new look. You can make it more beautiful, classy, and glamorous.

Fun iPhone Cases Makeover

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Well, a girl just love her glitters. If you don’t want to use those, you can opt for sequins or ribbons. Hey, you can give them as gifts as well.

Multicraft Imports 7mm Cup Sequins

Valentine’s Day Treat Bag DIY

Valentine’s Day is not just for your special someone. You can celebrate it with your friends or colleagues. It doesn’t have all to be about romance. You can spread the love by giving them a small token to make them feel loved or just as simple as make them smile.

Valentine's Day Treat Bag DIY

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Who doesn’t love treats and candies? Put these in a nice treat bags and add some ribbons and you’ll surely make someone’s day one Valentine’s Day.

SweetGourmet Gustaf's SWEET ALLSORTS

Chic Way to Upcycle Long Sleeve Shirt

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Whether you are going with your special someone or spend it with your gal friends, make sure you look fab and classy. But if you can’t find a new outfit to wear, you don’t have y a new one. You can always recycle some old ones that you have and make a new one out of it. Just like this long sleeves turned into off-shoulders. How chic!

Chic Way to Upcycle Long Sleeves

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Do you know how to sew? It’s not as hard and scary as you think. You can start by reading this book and this sewing kit. It can really be handy knowing the basics of sewing.

One-Yard Wonders 101 Sewing Fabric Projects

Online Sewing Class