Easy Pokémon Costume Idea

We understand. We are long way from Halloween but it won’t hurt to think about what to wear already. With the rage about Pokémon Go, for sure, most of the kids are already talking about what Pokémon-themed costume they would want to wear. And parents would gladly oblige to look for cute and easy DIY costume. Here’s one idea that can be done easily for your daughter.

Easy Pokemon Costume Idea

Check out Tikkido.

Isn’t it super cute?! We love how felt and tulle fabric were used to create this costume. This is a perfect DIY Pokémon costume to do even if you have little sewing skill.

Have you had a costume idea for Halloween yet? Share it with us.

Pokemon Charizard Child Costume Kit

Cute and Easy Choker DIY

Ever since this last Coachella, chokers have been the new fashion trend. With celebrities wearing them, it’s no wonder we want them too. And you don’t have to worry it you think they might be too expensive for you because you can easily make them at home.

Cute and Easy Choker DIY

Check out how at Clothes and Curfuffles.

Isn’t it charming? It’s perfect for a nice day out with your girl friends. And all you need are just ribbons of your choosing and snaps. You can make a lot of these chokers for different occasions or as gifts to your friends. Have fun!

White Cotton Daisy Flower Trim

DIY Anti Mosquito Spray

We all hate mosquitoes. Those little pests always have a way to ruin outdoor fun! And so here comes mosquito repellent spray or lotion to the rescue. But you might be one of those who hate the scent of citronella as much as you hate mosquitoes. Check out your herb garden because you might have a solution growing there. Create a mosquito spray with lavender. This awesome blog post will show you how.

DIY Anti Mosquito Spray

Visit The Makeup Dummy.

Lavender is known for its calming effect. It’s amazing to know that they repel mosquitoes too. So plan ahead the next time you go camping. Bottle up those lavender flowers and add essential oil to the mix and have fun without having to worry about insect bites. You can sleep well at the same time too.

Art Naturals Lavender Essential Oil

Straw Bag Makeover DIY

For some ladies, being stylish is sometimes essential. Now that we have reached the season when we spend more time outside, hitting the beach or just hanging out anywhere under the sun, we want to be fashionable too.

Now beach bags are a must-have when you are traveling or heading to the beach. They are really handy in carrying all of our necessities. Here is a simple way to give a straw beach bag a fun and colorful vibe without spending too much time and money doing so.

Straw Bag Makeover DIY

Details at burkatron.

It’s super easy, right? The pompoms are just a great detail and it adds more depth to your straw bag. You don’t have to buy a bunch of them. You can easily make them from your leftover yarns. You’re ready to hit the beach!

Clover Large Pom Pom Maker