DIY Pistachio Shell Wreath Decor

Pistachios are not only healthy but they are fun to eat too. You can pass the time just peeling those shells and enjoying munching those nuts. The little nuisance is cleaning up the shells afterwards. But you know what? Those shells are good for something. Think before you throw them away because you can create something beautiful out of them.

DIY Pistachio Shell Wreath

Check out KS Craft Shack.

Who knew it’s made out of pistachio shells? It’s amazing to see what you can do with a little creativity. This one sure needs a lot of patience and hot glue, and paint, but it sure is worth it. Look at how pretty it is.

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Pumpkin Wreath Decor DIY

Our Pinterest feed has been taken over by Halloween decoration ideas and it’s not even Halloween yet! Not that we’re complaining. But it has not stopped out crafter blogger friends from being inspired and be excited about the upcoming celebration. One of the things that caught our eyes is this cute wreath idea. A pumpkin decor without the pumpkin. And it’s so crafty we had to share.

Pumpkin Wreath Decor DIY

Check out Grillo Designs.

It’s nice way to let your guests and neighbors know that you are so ready for Halloween. And no pumpkin required. Just burlap, some wires, some ribbons, wire wreath, and some other supplies.

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No-Carve Pumpkin Fall Craft

As soon as September kicked in, one of the things we are already looking forward to is, what else, Halloween! Going to the farm and picking the perfect pumpkins, carving them, and putting them on display to scare the kids away. But since it’s not Halloween yet, you can still do your pumpkin art but with less “scary” factor. Take a look at this pumpkin craft that are just too cute.

No-Carve Pumpkin Fall Craft

Visit Simple as That.

Are you ready to dress up your pumpkin? It’s a fun fall craft for all. Ready your felt, cardstock, paints, and other supplies for this project. Have fun, you all.

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V-Stitch Easy Crochet Pattern

There are a lot of reasons why people crochet. Some would like to try the craft, some do it to pass the time, while some to relieve their stress. No matter what your reasons are, the thought of creating something fun, colorful, crafty, and with your own hands is so exciting. If you are just getting started with crocheting and you want to take another step into your craft, take this double crochet V stitch project. This is an amazing opportunity to learn and create more challenging patterns.

V-Stitch Easy Crochet Pattern

Learn how at Hopeful Honey.

You can learn more patterns and stitches with the help of this book. And then the trick is using the right yarn color combination and needle. These pastel colors are so pretty. Have fun!

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