Ring Cones DIY

A girl can’t have too many accessories. One for every occasion and for daily use. Why not, right? But sometimes, when you have too many already, they can easily turn into a pile of mess. And instead of being inspired, it could take a while choosing the right piece to wear for the day. It would be better if you can have a place for them all. Just like these cones for your rings.

Ring Cones DIY

Details at Sisoo.

Having a place for you to out your accessories sure does keeps your place organized. Ring cones are really handy you won’t appreciate them until you’ve got them. And for this craft, you’ll just need paper and glue. How easy! Have fun crafting!

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DIY Wall Art

It’s 2017. You might be late about embracing the New Year but hey, it’s always a good time for some change. To maybe try something different. New things have this tendency to give us a new perspective. For our home, it offers a new ambiance, to be able to help you be more inspired. To start, maybe you can give that wall a new paint job.

DIY Wall Art

Check out monsterscircus.

There are a lot of things you can do to decorate your wall. Put that creativity into good use and make your own wall decor or crafts. You’ll never know how easy it is to do paint your wall until you tried. Have fun!

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Valentine’s Day Coffee Basket Idea

A few more days to go and it’s Valentine’s Day. Still wondering what to get your special someone? Maybe you have already planned something amazing on this day but you know how you can make their day even more perfect? By starting it with a coffee. A coffee gift basket idea is so easy to do and would make an amazing gift to start their morning.

Coffee Gift Idea for Valentine's Day

Learn how at Live Laugh Rowe.

This gift idea is not just for your Valentine. You can easily make a batch for your friends and your co-workers. You still have a lot of time to look for boxes and their favorite tea or coffee. You can easily whip this up in minutes. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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DIY Cute Necklaces

If you love fashion, then you know how important it is to accessorize. But who could cope up with all of these trends that can easily break your bank? To save money, what you can do is look for do-it-yourself crafts. You could make some one-of-a-kind pieces! How exciting is that? Just like these accessories that we just adore.

DIY Cute Necklaces

Go to Kingston Crafts.

Making your own accessories is not only fun, you can turn it into a small business too. They are the perfect gift for your girlfriends or even co-workers. You just have to be creative and you must have the right tools, of course. If you need more inspirations, you can check out this book for more detailed instructions on how to get started. Have fun.

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