Easter Egg Button Art Decor

Ready for more Easter craft ideas? Let’s make some more eggs!

Now, it doesn’t have to be your traditional Easter eggs. We can make an egg that doesn’t have to involve actual eggs. Less mess fir everyone. How? Buttons!

Do you still keep those extra buttons you bought? Or maybe you got one of those that popped out from old clothing. It’s time to make use of those. Learn how to make this colorful Easter egg craft.

Easter Egg Button Art Decor

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It’s beyond adorable, right? We just love how you can recycle those buttons to create this cute egg. So festive. You can put it together with your Easter eggs or on your wall as a decor even after Easter. Have a happy crafting. And have a happy Easter.

Shappy 200 Pieces Resin Buttons Assorted Color Button

Easter Chick Cup DIY

Easter is almost here. You still have time to make your preparations and decorations for the party. Well, for us, Easter is about celebrations our Savior’s resurrection. It’s about spending it with family, doing old and creating new family traditions, eating of course, and doing some Easter crafting. If you are looking for a fun one, you can try this Easter chic made from recycled cup.

Easter Chick Cup DIY

Instructions at Midwestern Moms.

Isn’t it adorable? It’s a better use for your use k-cups. I was thinking of using our empty Play-Doh cups. Simply paint them yellow or leave them all in different colors, add some of your paper cut-outs, and glue. You can use these cups for table decorations or to put all the candies in it for the children. Have fun crafting and have a Happy Easter.


Play-Doh 10-Pack of Colors

Adorable Easter Bunny Ears/Sun Catcher

looking for ways to make your Easter Sunday party more fun? Are you done decorating your Easter eggs? How about the snacks? How about your party decorations, buntings, bunny balloons, spring flowers? Yes? Then it sounds like you are all set. But let’s add one more. It’s a DIY that can be done in minutes and would surely be loved by the children. Easter bunny ears hat.

Adorable Easter Bunny Ears Sun Catcher

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These bunny ears are so cute. Indoors, they are just cute bunny ears but they double as sun catchers when they go running around outside. This is a super easy paper craft that you can do easily. And you can let the kids help too. You can do all the tissue paper cutting while you can let them do all the stapling and gluing. 😀

Have fun crafting and have a happy Easter.

Cute Easter Bunnies Cupcake

These adorable cup bunnies will definitely bring smile to anyone who sees them. Are you ready for your Easter celebration?

Get ready to wow the crowd when they see these cute little bunnies on your party table, complete with carrot they’ve stolen, ready to be eaten as dessert. If you haven’t planned out anything yet, especially for your party food, this is your chance to try this adorable craft.

Cute Easter Bunnies Cupcake

Learn how at Hungry Happenings.

The downside though is it might be hard to eat them. They are just too cute. But when the tummy is craving for something sweet, you just got to have to. You wonder how to bake them in a pot? There are silicon pots that are safe to use and they are really handy. It makes the cooking easier. So what are you waiting for? Whip out this recipe for Easter. Have fun!

Wilton Terra Cotta Pot Shaped Silicone Baking Cups