Porch Swing Made From a Pallet

Wooden pallet swing! Free and pretty patio decor

This is a great way to build a swing for your porch or patio. As you can see in this project doesn’t require a lot of materials, just a pallet, skill saw, paint, rope or chain, and whatever other idea you may have to give your own unique flair.

See how this one was built at sherylsalisbury


Nut and Peach Steak Dinner

Winning! Peach puree and pistachio crusted dinner steak. Yum.

I know it sounds unusual but between the pistachio covering and the peach puree, this dinner steak looks amazing! Pretty color with a nice contrast of flavors and healthy ingredients…a total win in my book. And a nice departure from the typical “A-1” topping you usually see on steak.

Get the recipe at Running to the Kitchen.

Homemade Bird seed Wreath for feeding birds

I'm trying this one! - Bird seed wreath craft for the whole family. @www.halflifesource.com

Here is a great project for all you bird watchers out there. This will attract all types of birds for you to sit back and enjoy and even photograph if you want. This can even be a good craft project for kids – they can even see how many bird species they can name that frequent the wreath.

See how to complete this project at fleamarketgardening.

String Phones

Fun! Love these string can phones for kids indoor play time.

Now here is a classic craft that never gets old. All kids should do this one, they will love it! I guess with cell phones so popular now this kids craft is even more nostalgic to our kids then it was when we were kids.

Look at wemadethat to see what you will need to complete this craft.