Refinished Wood Accent Chairs

I adore these refinished wooden chairs – a great accent piece for any porch, dining room and home. They were woven cane bottom chairs which had been discarded after the weave broke through. Some quick sanding, staining, and new fabric-covered seats gave these chairs a new life. Gorgeous!

See the tutorial at Design and Decor.

Orange Coconut Body Butter for Natural, Homemade Skin Care

Orange Coconut Body Butter for Natural Skin Care

Oh, how I do love a good body butter (this is Angela speaking, not my husband. 😉 ) and this homemade recipe looks amazing. Orange is a great scent and essential oil to include in skin care products because it lifts the spirits and can energize you. Coconut oil absorbs into the skin and has nutritive value to the skin as well. Together, I can only imagine how lovely they would be.

See the recipe at Henry Happened.

Homemade Hair Comb With Rose Decorations – Simple and Colorful Craft

Homemade hair comb with simple rose decorations

Want to dress up your hair without a huge expense or hassle? Me too! I love this tutorial which shows in detail how to turn a simple hair comb from plain to oh-so-cute. Don’t those “roses” look adorable? I thought it would be hard to make them but the tutorial has great photos and directions explaining how to put the pieces together.

See the directions at the Learning Center.

Textured Picture Frame Craft – Elegant but Kid-Friendly Craft

Unpainted naturally textured picture frames. These were painted white for a wedding but it's a cool kid's craft idea also!

I love that these frames use natural seeds and materials to create the stunning textures. Once they were spray painted into the one tone they really look stunning – simple and elegant. I could see older children creating these for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts, for grandparents, or to decorate their own rooms. The seeds and acorns could be a choking hazard for little bitties so use supervision of course. In the example tutorial they created a gorgeous wedding display!

See the full display and finished piece at A Day With V.