How to Grow an Insane Garden With Hay Bales

Straw bale garden - great veggies with little fuss!

Look at this garden! It’s gorgeous. Healthy, huge plants are grwoing so well because the entire area they are growing in is food for them to consume and they aren’t competing with a bunch of weeds. Less work for you too. If you’re planning a garden this year you might want to see this technique.

Tutorial at Modern Farmer.

Kids Secret Play Place Under the Stairs

I love this hidden room, secret hide-out for kids, in an otherwise awkward and barely useable space. Lovely transformation that will delight children for many years. Courtesy of Houzz.

Homemade Scarf Doubles as a Breastfeeding Cover

Homemade Infinity Scarf Doubles as a Breastfeeding Cover

Who doesn’t love a good infinity scarf? Light weight, easy to wear with anything and they dress up or down in a variety of colors….smart. Even smarter? This DIY scarf that doubles as a nursing cover for discreet breastfeeding. No more bibs, blankets, or awkward moments with the baby. Brilliant!

See the step-by-step tutorial on

Spice Shelf for Smart Kitchen Storage


This is simple way to reorganize your spices into a user friendly are where the are quickly accessible. I love it has a cute door to blend in with the kitchen decor and that all the spices are visible and accessible. So smart.

Here is how it was built at confessionsofaserialdiyer