Dyeing Water Beds for a More Fun Sensory Play

Water and water beads sound like a lot of fun. We just found this amazing thing that you can do with water beads and incorporate it with your children’s sensory play. Put them on the water and let the kids play with it. Make it even more interesting by dyeing it with different colors and let the fun begin. (Oh, just make sure they are old enough to know that these beads are not food.)

Dyeing Water Beds for a More Fun Sensory Play

Learn the process of dyeing water beads at Tutus and Tea Parties.

You can find colored water beads but where’s the fun in that? Playing with colors is an enjoyable bonding and learning moment for you and your kids. So grab your food coloring and start experimenting.

Food Coloring

An Easy DIY Mason Jar Outdoor Decor Project

We have this newfound fascination with mason jars. They are just too versatile and crafty. They are too adorable as drinking jars, containers, and as a decor. One of the things we are planning on doing is using it in our porch light project. It’s easy to make and it’s doesn’t cost a lot too.

An Easy DIY Mason Jar Outdoor Decor Project

Know how to create this adorable decor at Saved by Love Creations.

Go ahead and make your own DYI project using mason jars. It would a wonderful material to accentuate your project. Grab them now and start crafting. Or use them as a drinking glass whenever you have some friends over or just want something fancy to use for your refreshing drink.

Mason Jars



Lessen the Clutter with A Craft Supplies Organizer

As you all know, we love crafting. We want to grab every opportunity to make our own stuff. But sometimes, or most of the time, it gets messy afterwards. An organizer where we can store our craft supply would definitely lessen the clutter around the house.

Lessen the Clutter with a Craft Supplies Organizer

Make your own by reading the full tutorial at Crafts Unleashed.

Organizers would indeed help you keep everything in order. Not just for your craft supplies, but for your food ingredients, clothes, tools, and other things around the house as well. Find a storage that can make your home clutter-free.

Supplies storage



Pretzel & Reeses Popcorn – Weekend Fun Snack Recipe

It’s almost weekend and there’s one thing that I look forward to. It’s spending some quality time with my family, whether it’s a movie marathon or a board game night fun. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without some snacks that everyone can grab and enjoy. Pretzels + Reese’s + popcorn + everything nice = awesome snack time the kids would truly enjoy.

Pretzel & Reeses Popcorn - Weekend Fun Snack Recipe

Check out this easy-to-make snack recipe at Sweet C’s Designs.

Tired of running out of popcorn when your family asks for a batch? Get a large popcorn bag and in potion packs so you can pop it in the microwave or popcorn popper anytime.

Popcorn packets