Crock Pot Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Sometimes, you just find yourself craving for pumpkin. Why not bake a pumpkin bread in your crock pot? Yes, your crock pot. This will make your bread so moist you will definitely ask for more. This recipe is easy to make and you’ll satisfy your craving in no time.

Crock Pot Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Learn this recipe at Wanna Bite.

Once you have started baking in your slow cooker, you will surely be hooked just like I do. So start baking now and learn the basic recipes of crock pot cooking to get you started with this easy-to-follow cookbook.

Crock Pot Cookbook

Homemade Gift Idea – Teacup Candles

Are you one of those who are into vintage teacups? Then you might probably have a few that have lost their saucers. What to do with them? Make a teacup candles of course. They can make a lovely gift or a decor and it’s quite inexpensive too.

Homemade Gift Idea - Teacup Candles

Follow this easy tutorial at The Sassy Life.

Have you ever tried making a teacup candle? It’s very easy to do. If you don’t own a teacup, you will surely find at a thrift store.


Crock Pot Dessert Idea – Crock Pot Cherry Pie Dessert

Crock pot cooking is so convenient. You just need to get your ingredients, put them in your slow cooker, and let it cook while you do some other stuff. You might think that you have limited options but there are actually a lot of delicious recipes that you can cook with it. One of our favorites is making crock pot desserts. Just like this 3-ingredient Crockpot Cherry Pie dessert. It’s so easy to prepare and the kids look forward to it almost every night.

Crock Pot Cherry Pie Dessert

You can find the full recipe at Raining Hot Coupons.

If you haven’t tried any crock pot meals, you are missing a lot. Once you’ve started, we are confident you will love it. Go to the nearest store, get your own slow cooker and start cooking with the help of this cookbook.

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Fun Toilet Paper Roll Fish Craft for Kids

Looking for a summer craft that you can do with your kids? Perhaps something that involves paints, glitters, toilet paper rolls, and googly eyes? You and you precious ones can make a toilet paper roll fish craft. This is can be so much fun!

Fun Toilet Paper Roll Fish Craft for Kids

Check out how to make this at No Time for Flash Cards.

Summer is just the perfect time to bond with your children. You can get creative with all crafty things that you can do. All you need is some art tools and supplies and let the fun begin. You can get some craft projects from this book.

Craft for Kids