Sugar-Free Crock Pot Apple Butter

Finding a good apple butter in the grocery store is kind of hard these days. What’s even harder to do is to find one that is not too loaded with sugar. What can you do? Make your own homemade recipe without adding any sugar. That would be a healthier option.

Sugar-Free Crock Pot Apple Butter

Try this recipe from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.

Those sweet tooth will surely be satisfied without you having to feel guilty about it. Ready your crock pot and try this yummy apple butter recipe.

Crock Pot

Hand-painted Teacups – A DIY Project

It’s fun purchasing new teacups from a thrift store. The problem with most of them though is that they are too plain. So what to do to make them more interesting? Painting them could totally give them a fresh new look. You could get creative with these teacups and design them the way you like it.

Hand-painted Teacups - A DIY Project

Read how to make this at Drawing Under The Table.

Hand painting your teacups can make using them more fun. Spruce them up by coloring and designing them however you want. Ask the kids to help you turn those plain-looking teacups into a masterpiece.

Plain Teacups

Crock Pot Brownies

Yes, it can be done. There are a lot of recipes that you can cook with your slow cooker and brownies is one of them. You can still have that amazing aroma filling up your home without the heat of using an oven. Especially now that it’s summer, we want to avoid using the oven as much as we can and this crock pot brownies is just perfect.

Crock Pot Brownies

Learn the recipe at Please Note Paper.

Don’t be afraid of cooking just because you don’t want to deal with your oven this season. Satisfy your sweet tooth using your slow cooker. Learn many recipes with your crock pot with the help of this cookbook.

Fix it Forget It Cookbook

Easy and Charming DIY Teacup Cake Topper

You won’t run out of things that you can do with an old or spare teacup. If you want to experiment and be a little craftier, you can make a teacup cake topper. That would really be lovely, right? You can make anyone’s wedding cake more interesting and unique. Hey, not just weddings but any other kind of occasion in fact. It’s a great conversation starter once it has caught the eyes of a keen observer.

Easy and Charming DIY Teacup Cake Topper

Make your own topper with this tutorial at The Ardent Sparrow.

There are a lot of craft that you can do with teacups you are not using anymore. Cake topper is a brilliant and lovely idea.

Lovely China Teacups