Crock Pot Strawberry Basil Jam

And here we are being saved again by our slow cooker. We want some strawberry jam and we got it. What we love about this recipe is that it’s easy to make and it doesn’t need a lot of ingredients. So up to our crock pot we go.

 Crock Pot Strawberry Basil Jam

You can find this delicious recipe at Life As A Strawberry.

You never know how delicious a slow cooker jam is until you’ve made one yourself. If you’re new to crock pot cooking, try this recipe book.

The Healthy Slow Cooker


DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

When the kids are out in the backyard playing, one of the things that they do is to look out for birds. With this, we have decided to make a bird feeder to lure them into our garden. What is it made of? Teacups! Isn’t it lovely?

DIY Teacup Bird Feeder

Teacup bird feeder tutorial at Cap Creations.

It is nice to watch the birds enjoying their little treats in the morning while you sip a nice cup of coffee. It is even nicer to watch them eat with your homemade teacup bird feeder. You don’t have a buy a new one. You can use your old or chipped ones for this craft.

Ceremic Teaceup Bird Feeder


Crock Pot Dessert Idea – White Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

When you know that the oven is not an option, and you really want to eat something, what is the most convenient thing that you could do? Take your crock pot out.

It’s so fun cooking in a crock pot, especially on a recipe you never knew you could do in it.. Like a White Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Bars. This home-baked cookie recipe would make a yummy dessert without heating up your entire kitchen.

Crock Pot Dessert Idea - White Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

Learn the recipe at Frugal Foodie Mama.

While you wait until your cookie bar is done, you can look for other recipes that you can make with your crock pot. Learn more with this slow cooker recipe book.

Slow Cooker Recipe


How to Make Hanging Teacup Candles

We love the idea of teacup candles. Those old yet lovely china pieces sitting in the cabinet given some love again is just too good to pass up. Using your old vintage teacups and turning them into candle teacups will make them beautiful. It would be more charming if we could not only use to decorate the top of our table as centerpieces but we can hang it somewhere as well.

How to Make Hanging Teacup Candles

Learn how to make this masterpiece at The Perfect Pear.

This DIY craft is so easy to make. Use these hanging teacup candles to light up your garden or porch at night to give it a nice ambiance. If you want to start the art of candle making, this book will teach you the basics.

Candle Making