Crock Pot Dessert – Salted Caramel Cookie Bars

Do you need an excuse not to use your oven? A Crock Pot Salted Caramel Cookie Bars is your excuse. After all, it’s summer and we don’t want to deal with too much heat. Plus, we’ve been craving for something sweet and salty and this recipe will surely satisfy our sweet tooth.

Crock Pot Dessert - Salted Caramel Cookie Bars

You can find this delicious recipe at Crockpot Gourmet.

Who would have thought that you can make cookies in a crock pot? There are a lot of recipes that you can do with your slow cooker. If you are looking for ideas and recipes, this cookbook might help you out.

Slow Cooker Desserts

DIY Casual Love Heart Earrings

Love heart earrings are just cute. It’s so simple yet so chic. It is an accessory that you can wear everyday and anywhere. It would also make a lovely gift to a friend. We just love it and you can definitely create one since it’s so easy to do and you only need a few materials. It’s simply beautiful.

DIY Casual Love Heart Earrings

Know how to make one from The Hobzy Blog.

Now that it’s summer, there are a lot of crafts that we can do. You can get inspiration and ideas from this crafting book that is perfect for beginners. If you need tools, here’s a tool kit for you.

Hobby Tool Set

Father’s Day Gift Idea – DIY Manly Apron

Does the man of your life love to cook? Here is a quick, easy-to-do gift for Father’s Day: a DIY manly apron. Get the kids to help you to make this gift more special. You can let them choose the design or let them do the painting. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to do it for him.

Father's Day Gift Idea - DIY Manly Apron

Read the full tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

There are a lot of gift ideas that you can do for Father’s Day. If you don’t have the time to do this craft, you can get him a new grill. Or give him a tool kit that he can use to make any household repairs and maintenance tasks easier.

Tool Kit

15 Ideas to Reinvent Vintage Teacups

Teacups are great for repurposing and turn them into crafts and home décor projects. They are not just for every tea lover but for an avid crafter as well. So if you have any old, cracked, or chipped teacups, don’t throw them away just yet. Give them some new love by turning them into something new and beautiful. Here are our top 15 favorite ways to reinvent your teacups.

Vintage Teacups Roundup

Jewelry Stand
Rather than letting your jewelries and accessories scatter, put them on a jewelry stand. You can make a special place for them with this teacup jewelry stand. Learn how to with this tutorial from Yesterday’s Sweetheart.

This lovely teacup tray will surely make your afternoon tea time more delightful. You will have something to put your small sandwiches or cookies along with your teacup tea.

Flower Arrangement
If you want a flower arrangement with a twist, use your vintage teacups to make it. It would be a charming idea for centerpieces or a home décor.

Pin Cushion
If you love sewing, then you’ll love this even more. Use your teacup as a pin cushion to make sure that you won’t lose those pins or let them lie around. Learn how to make this pretty one from Shelley Rodgers.

Teacup Oincushion

Succulent Garden
Are you fond of succulent plants? Then you’ll love this DIY garden craft project using teacups. Why use traditional pots when you have teacups to use? They’re so easy and so fun to do. Go to One Artsy Mama for the guide on how to make your own.

We just love this classic way of repurposing old teacups, especially if it’s vintage. Teacup candles would make a charming gift, décor, or favor.

We never thought that this could be done. Teacup bracelets turn out to be really lovely. If you have the right tools, it’s perfect for any casual day out. Check out Crush Cul de Sac to know more.

Cake Topper
A not-so-average way of making use of your teacups. With the right design and a little bit of creativity, you can turn your average-looking cake look grand. A teacup cake topper would surely get all the guests talking.

Easy and Charming DIY Teacup Cake Topper

Floor Lamp
It’s like visiting a scene from Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter may pop out any minute. We just stumbled upon this divine masterpiece on Sew Kidz and it turns out, it’s from Marie Claire. Hey, you might be inspired with this and make your own craft.

Curtain Tiebacks
Add a little drama and elegance to your simple curtain with a gorgeous teacups curtain tieback. DIY tutorial right at BHG.

Bird Feeder
We just love bird watching. And what would attract them more into your garden than giving them treats? It’s the perfect season to make your own teacup bird feeder and set it up in your garden. You will draw more birds for your kids to enjoy in no time.

Have you ever imagined it? Neither have we. But once you have set your eyes on this creation, you will love it for sure. We are hooked and hopefully, we can find the time to make one ourselves. Read the tutorial at Vintage Revivals.

teacup clock

This one is a bit complicated to create but if you have the skills and the tools, you can make a beautiful masterpiece with these teacup lamps. These were made by Domestic Construction and they can create a customized one for you.

Hanging Candles
Take your teacup decor into the next level by hanging it. Hanging teacup candles are a perfect pieces to light up your porch or garden at night.

Teacup cakes. That just sounds yummy! And it looks good too. So the next time you have some friends over, serve them with a cake that was bake right in the teacup.