4th of July Star Banner DIY

We’re only a week away from celebrating 4h of July! Are you excited already? Or should we say, are you ready? Have you listed the food you want to serve? How about your decorations? Maybe yes, maybe no. You still have enough time. For those who are busy with work or have a lot on their hands right now, you would only want something that you can so easily. Just like this start banner that is just perfect for the occasion.

4th of July Star Banner DIY

Instructions at Cuckoo 4 Design.

This star banner can be done in less than an hour. Of course you have to use patriotic cardboard papers for this craft. Of course you need your good old scissors, ribbons, and glue.

If you are looking for more paper crafts that you can do this weekend, take a look at this book. Have fun crafting!

Authentique Paper United 12x12 Paper Pad

Patriotic Candles DIY

Summer makes you feel a lot of things. Excited, happy, flowery. You really know it’s summer with you are already feeling the patriotic colors white, red, and blue. Yes, summer is that time of the year where you have people over for barbecues, watch the band playing in the park, and of course, fireworks!

Hosting a 4th of July party doesn’t have to be difficult. Planning ahead and knowing what to do make a lot of difference. Let’s start with your decorations. This patriotic candle is so easy to do and would make a stunning centerpiece and decor.

Patriotic Candles DIY

Get Instructions at Crafts by Courtney.

Have you tried using colored sand for your projects before? It’s so easy to use and you can create some pretty amazing crafts. The trick is using a funnel for a more controlled end-result. Top it off with LED tea lights and you’re good to go. Have fun crafting!

Classic 1 lb Colored Play Sand Assortment

Easy Pom Pom Palm Clutch DIY

Looking for a clutch design that is perfect for summer? Look beyond those branded and overpriced pieces. You can achieve your summer look by designing your own. Plus you’d be more happy and proud when you know it is your own creation. You would be proud when you wear them to the office, when you go to the mall or a date with your girl friends.

Easy Pom Pom Palm Clutch DIY

Check out Riva la Diva.

Isn’t it lovely? The pompoms fringe are just an amazing detail. This is just easy to do with very little sewing skill. Who needs mall-bought clutches when you can do one better? And it’s really affordable too.

When you are looking to enhance your skills, take a look at this book.

Have fun crafting!

5,10,20 Meters Pom Pom Trim Fringe Ball Edging

Fruity Bead Necklaces

Summer is truly the season of colors! More colorful and vibrant flowers and of course, fruits! How about make it an activity to pass the time or a fun bonding craft with your child… with bracelets and necklaces. But rather than using regular beads, use fruit beads instead. Just like this craft!

Fruity Bead Necklaces

Go to Bebe and Bear.

Isn’t cute and colorful? And look at those fruity, colorful beads! Oh so yummy and perfect for summer weather whether to the beach or just a stroll in the mall. Make sure you have the right crafting tools for your activity. Have fun crafting!

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