Summer Craft – DIY Mason Jar Tumbler

Lounging by your pool or the beach and sipping an ice-cold, refreshing beverage, is what we all look forward to this summer. You know how to make this scene more perfect? By drinking your beverage in style. You can create your own cute tumbler that you can carry around wherever you want to go.

Summer Craft - DIY Mason Jar Tumbler

Find the full tutorial at One O Textile.

There’s nothing more fun than mixing your own concoction in mason jars. Make your summer fancier with this versatile container.

Pewter Daisy Jelly Lid for Mason Jars

Fourth of July Luminaria Decor

There are more than just the red, white, and blue, the fireworks, and the food without Fourth of July celebration. But as we celebrate our Independence Day, we want it to be as festive as we can and to make us remember why we are celebrating this occasion, especially with the decorations. So to give you that patriotic ambiance, you can have these luminaries in your walkway to the porch, or around the house.

Fourth of July Luminaria Decor

Print this out at Easy Paper Crafts.

These luminaries will surely give your home a patriotic ambiance. Think of more crafts to do that will make your gathering more festive, like flags, and with the help of this craft kit.

Craft Kit

No-Cook Edible Slime Activity for Kids

Every now and then, every parent is thinking of some exciting activity that they can do with their children. How about something that involves a stretchy slime? Imagine the things that you can do with it! This sounds like fun, right? And that’s not the best part… Because it’s edible and safe to play with.

No-Cook Edible Slime Activity for Kids

Find out how to make it at Fun at Home with Kids.

It sure would be fun to watch the kids experiment and explore with this slime. All you need it some chia seeds to add to your xanthan gum and other ingredients to make it stretchy.

Xanthan Gum

Cucumber Cocktail – A Refreshing Summer Drink

Summer! Oh how we love thee. The beach, the sun and the heat. Although we love this season so much, we also love to keep ourselves cool. In our search for a nice drink to make, we have found this refreshing recipe, Cucumber Cocktail. It’s like “summer in a glass”.

Cucumber Cocktail - A Refreshing Summer Drink

Go to Sarah Hearts to find out the ingredients.

A drink that quenches your thirst. It tastes so good and it’s the perfect cocktail drink for summer. You can make it even more perfect by pairing it up with the right cocktail glass.

Cocktail Glass