Fancy Picnic Basket DIY

Ah, summer. You make our hearts warm and happy. It is such a wonderful season to be outside, reading a book and enjoying the warmth of the sun in our faces. So make the most of it! How about planning a day out at the beach or the park? We are thinking a nice, picnic! Why not? And to go with that is a fancy basket! Take a look at this awesome DIY!

Fancy Picnic Basket DIY

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We are loving the pompom details so much we are definitely adding one to our picnic basket next time. And this pompom is so easy to make either manually or using a pompom maker. You can add these pompoms so some of your crafts as well. Have fun crafting!

Accmart 4 Sizes Pom-pom Maker for Fluff Ball DIY

Easy Crochet Sunglass Case

Okay, you guys. We hope you had an awesome Fourth of July celebration. Are you still feeling all red, white, and blue? Then channel your patriotic spirit into your crafts.

Now that summer is here, you will most likely spend your time outside, at the beach or anywhere under the sun. This also means that it’s time to take your sunglasses out. Here is one project that is perfect for this season… a crochet pouch for your sunglasses.

Easy Crochet Sunglass Case

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Oh just lovely, right? You can make this pouch for your phone as well, and so much more. Once you learn the basics of crocheting, there are really no stopping of what you can create. Get this crochet book for beginners for more easy-to-learn crochet patterns. So, get your needles and yarns out and get crafting.

OldShark 22 Sizes Crochet Hooks

Easy Beach Cover-Up DIY

Do you see any summer vacation away from the suburbs anytime soon? It’s officially the summer season and there’s no reason for you not to make the most out of it. It’s time to strut your stuff whether you are by the pool or at the beach. Now that you’ve found the perfect swim wear, let’s talk about cover up to make your entrance more dramatic, or if you are just more comfortable with wearing one. Rather than buying one, which always gets in the way of budget, make your own! Just like we always do.

Easy Beach Cover-Up DIY

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You wouldn’t believe how easy this is. You will save a lot of money and you can make your own design that you like and actually fits you. Find the fabric that you like and go to your good ol’ sewing machine. Want to learn more sewing projects for beginners? We recommend this book.

Have fun crafting and enjoy your summer!

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