Heavenly Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

With every passing day, you are feeling it more and more like fall. We are all saying good bye to warm weather but it also means that we are saying hello to autumn. The season of apples. And you know what this means? It’s time for all the apple pies and apple cider recipes. So, hurray for fall!

Heavenly Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts

Learn the recipe at Ashley Marie’s Kitchen.

What fall recipes have you made so far? Here’s a cookbook you could try with those apples. And don’t forget your apple cider.

Apple Cookbook

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Adding Fall Effect to Your Candle Holders

Have you got your pumpkins up for your fall decor? Or maybe you would like to keep it simple first. A fall craft project that is so easy and won’t take much of your time. You can start with your candle holders. Adding copper tapes to your candle holders would make a lovely decor or table centerpiece.

Adding Fall Effect to Your Candle Holders

Read full details at Homey Oh My!

It’s great what as simple as a copper tape can do to you give you that fall effect that you need for your home. What fall project have you done so far? This homemade craft book might give you ideas.

Copper Foil Tape

Easy and Cheap DIY PVC Pipe Organizer

By now, you have probably read or heard making use of PVC pipes for crafting. Yes, they are not just for waterways anymore. They make nice bangles, shoe rack, planter, vases and more. If you ask us, we think they make a pretty good organizer.

Easy and Cheap DIY PVC Pipe Organizer

Full tutorial at About Family Crafts.

Want to give this a try? Get your PVC pipe and paint and do your own project. 😉

PVC Pipe

Fall/Halloween Candy Corn Treat Jars

It’s not yet time for trick-or-treat but let’s just prepare ahead for it. For sure you will need a lot of candy jars to put all those candies! And you don’t have to wait for Halloween. You can use it for you fall decoration.

Halloween Candy Corn Treat Jars

Visit Tatertots and Jello for the tutorial.

Excited for Halloween’s trick or treat? Get your Candy Corn, KitKat, Starburst, and many more Halloween candies! This candy jar would go nicely with them too.

Halloween Mini Candies