DIY Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume

If you’re invited to a Halloween party where you are “obligated” to dress up, and you have no idea what costume to wear, go as a pop art girl. You don’t have to make a costume. You just have to wear that “popart look” through makeup.

DIY Pop Art Girl Halloween Costume

Read the full details at Vanilla and Velvet.

If you’re too lazy to do the makeup, you can just buy a headdress. And don’t forget one for your baby too! Hey, you can always have fun with it. After all you’re going to a party.

Infant Monster Costume






Cheap and Easy Way Zombie Makeup

World War Z, Resident Evil, Z Nation, and, of course, The Walking Dead. All of these Zombie movies and TV series are so popular right now you’d wonder what it would be like living in a post-apocalyptic world with the undead roaming around. But really, we don’t want that. So we’ll just content ourselves with dressing up like one for Halloween. Let’s start with creating that rotting wound effects that will go along with your costume.

Cheap and Easy Way Zombie Make Up

Makeup tutorial is at Makeup Blossom.

Creepy, isn’t it? It’s the perfect Halloween costume! Just prepare your lash glue and makeup and start practicing. You could this kit if you want a complete makeup set.

Zombie Makeup Kit

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Trick or Treat! Are you ready?

Who doesn’t love this time of the year? Kids will be knocking on your door and you should be ready for them. You should be ready with those candies. You should pack them nicely and with style.

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Go to The Country Chic Cottage for the details.

It’s so fun and creative. The children would surely be delighted when you hand out these paper bags with their treats in it. It would be a nice addition to the treats already in their candy caddy.

Paper Lunch Bags

Fall Centerpiece Idea – Copper Rimmed Glass Candleholder

We are always saying that you don’t need to spend much t achieve that classy and gorgeous look. You just have to find the right pieces and put them all together. Just like this candle holder. It’s a perfect centerpiece on your table this fall.

Fall Centerpiece Idea - Copper Rimmed Glass Candleholder

Read the procedure at House of Earnest.

Look like it costs hundred of bucks, right? And it’s quite easy to make too. Find the right glass that fits your table, glue, and see the charming result the copper tape makes.

Adhesive Copper Tape