A Unique & Cute Non-Candy Halloween Treat

So, are the candies ready for trick or treaters this year? For sure you don’t want to be that house that will leave the kids disappointed for not having their treats. But you know what would be more fun? Aside from giving the children their candies, give them a non-candy Halloween treat as well.

A Unique Non-Candy Halloween Treat

Learn how to make it at Persia Lou.

They’ll surely be grateful and will talk about that house that gave them an awesome candies and a non-candy treat even after Halloween with these cute Oobi Eye Finger Puppets and start crafting.

Oobi Eye Finger Puppets

Halloween Decor Using Washi Tapes

Are you in love with washi tapes? So are we! You can use them for your Halloween decorations too. Plus, this is the perfect craft that you can do with your kids this holiday. I’m pretty sure you are all going to have some major fun.

Halloween Decor Using Washi Tapes

Read the full tutorial at About A Mom.

We love about this craft more because i can just repurpose some old mason jars we have at home. Then just find the right washi tape design and we’ll have a cute mummy craft to place our straws, spoons, and forks!

Washi Tapes - Black

Halloween Snack Idea – Bloody Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Hey, it’s only a few more weeks before Halloween! We can’t wait for it! Are you throwing a party too? Maybe you’re planning just a small gathering for your family or just have some friends over. It doesn’t matter. What matter is we are looking forward to having a bloody fun time! Starting with the food!

Halloween Snack Idea - Bloody Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Learn how to make this at WonkyWonderful!

Bloody Zombie Brain Cupcakes are just so fitting, especially now that the new season of The Walking Dead is back. Are you ready to start baking?

The Walking Dead Season 4

Special Halloween Kids Treat – Vampire Suckers

Halloween is special for children. Make their trick-or-treat experience even more special. How? When you give them their treats, make an extra effort in decorating them. Here’s a simple idea that we just adore. It’s quite easy to make too. This would also go lovely, or spooky, along with the treats or snacks on your Halloween table.

Special Halloween Kids Treat - Vampire Suckers

Get the full details at MomDot.

They’re cute little suckers, aren’t they? Now are you ready to rock this holiday? Get your candies ready, felt, googly eyes and do some little DIYs.

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