Crochet Pattern – Dahlia Hexagon

I remember the first time I learned how to make a slip knot, do the chain stitch, and until I can do the single and double stitch. I was so excited and I had so much fun! I already imagined the things I can do with my newfound talent. Of course it didn’t come easy. I was frustrated when they didn’t look clean or how it was supposed to look like. But I had fun and continued anyway. And then it’s time to decorate a simple purse or bag.

Crochet Pattern - Dahlia Hexagon

Tutorial at Hopefully Honey.

This pattern is ideal if you want to take your crocheting further. Learn more from this crochet book and make sure you have the needed hooks for the job.

Ostart 22pcs Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hook Knitting Knit Needle Weave Yarn Set

Watermelon Mason Jar Craft

One can never have enough mason jars in one’s home. There are just countless ways that you can make use of them. They are so fun and crafty. And you can’t just get enough of it, whether to use it for your upcoming party, use it to decorate your home, or just because it’s our hobby. This fruity mason jar design is just so cute!

Watermelon Mason Jar Craft

Learn how at KA Styles.

And you thought it can never get more fun! Mason jar crafts are endless when you get creative using materials that you already have. Get fruity!

ball mason jars

Baby Pea Pod Cocoon Crochet Pattern

When you have a baby, you want nothing more than to treasure and make the most of those first few months. As parents, we want to capture that moment and preserve it forever. Thus, baby photography is a must. And one of the cutest things we’ve seen so far is pea in a pod concept.

Baby Pea Pod Cocoon Crochet Pattern

Get full pattern at Posh Patterns Blog.

Cute, right? And you don’t have to buy new props for your photo sessions. You can plan ahead and make it when your baby isn’t born yet. If you’re new to crocheting, we recommend this book to help you out. There are also online classes to make things easier for you. Have fun!

Crochet One-Skein Wonders

Easy-to-Make Pocket Folds for Party Invites

It’s no secret that invitations, especially on weddings, can be really pricey. If you want to cut costs for your big day or any other events, you can always go with inexpensive do0it-yourself invites. Don’t think that it’s a daunting task because with the right idea, you can create something beautiful that matches your theme. Here’s an idea that we adore.

Easy-to-Make Pocket Folds for Party Invites
Visit The Minnevore.

It’s a great way to start if you want to save. You can find cheap cards, envelopes and paper cutter from your local craft store. And have fun with your stamps.