Effortless Sprayed Coasters

When you are hosting a party, you need everything to be perfect. But for last-minute ideas, here is a decor that you can do quickly and easily. Plus, you don’t have to buy new materials because most likely, you already have them in your kitchen.

Effortless SpEffortless Sprayed Coastersrayed Coasters

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We love playing with coasters and the crafts that we can do with them. Once you’ve applies some spray paint, they are so eye-catching.

Natural Home Decor Cork Coaster

Spray Paint Can Lamp

What to do with empty spray paint cans? You can reduce your trash by recycling them. You can make a lot of projects using them including a cool-looking lamp for your garage or craft room. This easy DIY will help you do it in no time.

Spray Paint Can Lamp

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We love working with products that are multipurpose. These spray paint cans are an example. And with a cord and bulb, they make a really good pendant lamp.

Plutonium Paint

Homemade Orange Clove Gardener’s Soap

Why make your own homemade soap? Simply because you can be sure that what you’re using is free from all the additives, artificial fragrances, and other harmful chemicals. Here’s one tutorial that will let you create soap that helps you exfoliate your skin, keep it clean, moisturized and smells oh-so good as well.

Homemade Orange Clove Gardener’s Soap

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Are you excited to make your own soap? Make sure you have this starting kit and read this book to know more ingredients scents that you can make right form your own kitchen.

Soap Making Kit

DIY Lace Collar Dress

An avid crafter knows that you can’t just simply throw away old belongings if you can still do something about it. Like when you have old clothes that you no longer use, you can give them away to charity. But if you have one dress that you can’t just let go, it just need some new love and a little bit of makeover.

DIY Lace Collar Dress

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If you are new to sewing, you can start with some simple projects first. Read more from this book to learn more and make sure you have the right beginner’s set. Or, you can enroll in an online class.

Best Sewing Kit for Home

Online Sewing Class