How to make your dorm room feel like home

Going to study in a college can be an exciting time for any student. Moving out from home can be a big change for which many students are not prepared both physically as well as mentally. On the one hand the student is excited to live on his own away from home, there are chances that he may feel homesick at times. Here are some easy and interesting ways to make sure you do not feel anxious at times. Using these ways, you can turn your dorm feel just like your home.

Make the walls come alive

When college authorities hand over dorm rooms to students, the walls are empty and feel intimidating to them. You can make the walls you get exciting and interesting by personalizing them according to your liking. You can put up large photos of your loved ones on these walls to get a warm feeling whenever you look at the walls every morning. You can also put up pieces of art in frames on your walls to make them beautiful and interesting.

Make your bed as cosy as possible

The time you spend in your bed after a gruelling day in the college is very important for your well being. Make your bed warm and cosy like your bed in your home so as to get maximum comfort and relaxation. Buy some fluffy and comfortable pillows, a beautiful and warm blanket, and bed sheets that are beautiful and attractive to have full comfort and relaxation when you are in your bed. A cosy bed allows you to have a good nights’ sleep and complete rest when you need it after a hard day’s work in the college.

Make you study table free from clutter

After some rest, it is time to focus upon your studies. If you have a study table and a chair, you should try to make your study area clean and welcoming so that you are not distracted and study for a long time. Make sure that you not have unnecessary items on your desk to create hurdles in your attempt to focus upon your studies. Keep the desk neat and clean with only a pen holder, a lamp, desktop or laptop, and a mouse to work on the computer. If your study area is organized and free form clutter, you will never feel disturbed and anxious. You will also not have feelings of loneliness because you are not able to focus upon your essay writing.

Keep all things organized

Yes, the space you get in the dorm is small but you have to make do with whatever space you get to live and study. You can organize all things and keep them in their place to make sure you do not waste any time in finding them. An organized dorm room also means you have peace of mind and do not feel anxious and disturbed at any time. Sometimes, feelings of loneliness strike because the student does not find things organized in his space or area in the dorm.

Make use of accessories

Accessories go a long way in enhancing the decor of your area in the dorm. They also help in making the room interesting so that you do not feel homesick or lonely at times. You can place accessories like candles, flowers, blinds, rugs, bookshelves, posters, calendar, and many other things according to your personality and liking to accessorize your dorm room. A fluffy rug where you can retire in any position or have fun with friends is a wonderful accessory to make your dorm room comfortable and cosy.

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