Fun Shrinky Dinks DIY

Shrinky dink is just a fun craft! Charms, key chain dangle, window decor, accessories, ornament, and so much more things you can create. They are the perfect gift idea to your friends and a great weekend project not just for the kids but, admit it, yourself as well. It’s one of those crafts that will surely make you forget about your worries and de-stress for a little while.

Fun Shrinky Dinks DIY

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The next time you see those shrinky dinks from the store, think before buying them. You can save a lot when you choose your own Shrinky Dink paper, you can customize them to your own liking, be as creative as you want with colored pens, and have fun doing so. Enjoy!

Shrinky Dinks Crystal Clear 10 Sheet Creative Pack

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