Cute Unicorn Costume DIY

Okay, let’s talk about Halloween costume this time. If your daughter likes ponies and unicorns, this one is for you. We found one awesome DIY that is colorful, cute, and so easy to do. Because that’s what we’re all after, right?

Cute Unicorn Costume DIY

Visit A Girl and A Glue Gun.

We can’t believe how adorable this unicorn costume is! As much as it’s too cute, it not as hard craft to make as you think. Dig your daughter’s wardrobe and you probably already have tights and leotard. The colorful stuff is fake fur. That horn that we so love, it is just made of felt. And the trick to it all, hot glue! Go ahead and check out the site for detailed instructions. Have fun crafting!

Carters Baby Girl Little Unicorn Halloween Costume

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