Awesome Stock Tank Pool DIY

Summer is here and you are probably already feeling the heat! It’s time to plan your beach vacation! But hey, if you can’t go too far away from home or you’re nowhere near the beach, your backyard is ready. Worry not if you don’t have a pool. You can still enjoy some splashing and dipping in cold water. If you want some backyard summer fun, a tank pool is just what you need! Check out this awesome DIY!

Awesome Stock Tank Pool DIY

Go to Hey Wanderer.

Doesn’t this tank look like fun? Is inexpensive and the pump is easy to install! You can still have a pool party even though you don’t have a pool. Invite your friends over for a party they’ll never forget. Don’t forget to tell them to bring them their swimming outfit and floaties! Have fun!

High Country Plastics W-700FG Water Tank


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    I have seen DIYs for this project everywhere and nowhere have I seen it look so adorable as I have in this picture that you shared. It is a very great way to have your own swimming pool without spending a fortune and also without investing in a cheap piece of plastic that is bound to break within one season. I would love to see one in person!

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