TeaCup Tray – An Afternoon Tea Idea

Time for your afternoon tea? Turn it into a lovely one with a do-it-yourself teacup tray. If you have extra teacups and plates to spare, make a tray for your yummy biscuits and finger sandwiches. It will surely make your table look appealing and you’ll definitely get some compliments if you have some friends over.

TeaCup Tray - An Afternoon Tea Idea

Learn this easy process at CLAD&CLOTH.

Teacup tray would make a nice table decoration to any party you are hosting. So if you have old teacups and plates that you are not using anymore, this is one good reason to get them out of your storage. Pair it with this lovely book and your afternoon couldn’t be more perfect.

The Vintage Teacup Club


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    I would love for you to come and share this DIY over on Hometalk so that I can add it to a custom board that I am creating to be sent out in an email blast to all Hometalk members! Fire me an email – lets connect!

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