Luxurious Homemade Body Butter

Making your own beauty essential intimidates most people because they thought it is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. On the contrary, this is hardly the case at all. It is easier than you think and it can save you money as well. Plus, you get to make sure that no harmful chemicals will be added to your beauty regimen.

Take a look ay this luxurious body butter. It’s so easy to do you’d be amazed and asked yourself why you haven’t tried it before. It will leave your skin so soft and smelling great too.

Luxurious Homemade Body Butter

Details at A Beautiful Mess.

You will need oils, which you most likely have in your home, beeswax, and essential oils. Put them in a nice mason jar and you can make them as gifts or party favors. Have fun making your own body butter.

Organic Yellow Beeswax Pellets

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