Homemade Unicorn Soap Bars

The rave about Starbucks’ unicorn frappe drink is just crazy. But indeed so fun, colorful, and makes you think of rainbows and butterflies and all things nice. But one tall venti eventually runs out. What you can do is take all of these colors and take them to your home… specifically, to your bathroom. Make your own unicorn sop bar.

Homemade Unicorn Soap Bars

Learn how at A Beautiful Mess.

They are just so pretty, aren’t they? They would make a lovely wedding favor or if you just want to make someone happy. And it’s really easy to make with the right kit. What are you waiting for? Make your own unicorn or rainbow colored soap. Learn more soap you can make from your own home. Have fun crafting!

Lorann Oils Soap Making Kit

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