Homemade Harvest Moon Soaking Salts

Work stress, long weekends, late nights, home errands, and more. We are sometimes all too busy with these things that we as much as we try to keep our skin care routine, we just don’t have the time. But when you feel like your skin is so full of impurities already, take a break and take care of yourself. If your schedule is free this weekend, pamper yourself by preparing a nice warm bath with the help of a soaking bath salt for a nice skin detox.

Homemade Harvest Moon Soaking Salts

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Everyone needs time to take a breather and just relax. Even at your own home. Most especially at your own home. And there’s really no need to go to the spa and spend hundreds of dollars on it. You can make your own soaking bath soak yourself and take a long bath as long and as often as you like. The trick is adding activated charcoal and essential oils to really feel that clean and impurity-free skin. Trust us, you will feel fresh and glowing afterwards.

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