Homemade Anti-Aging Rosehip + Rosewater Face Serum

Rosehip oil is high in retinol, which is really good for skin aging. This oil is also good in other benefits such as omega fatty acids, lycopene, and beta-carotene that are the potent antioxidants. So if you are worried about wrinkles and lines, you can start making use of this amazing serum. And what would be a better option than whipping up your own blend? You are sure that there are no more harmful chemicals added to it.

Homemade Anti-Aging Rosehip + Rosewater Face Serum

Learn how at Hello Glow.

You can easily find rosehip seed oil anywhere. Add some avocado, almond or jojoba oil, and other essential oils. Have fun making it and stay pretty.

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