Easy Succulent Plants DIY Gift Idea

I remembered one time we attended a friend’s wedding and remembered their wedding favor… tree seedlings. I thought they’re wonderful and simple yet quite unique. I admired the couple for choosing a favor that means more and will surely last for years. We gladly took them and fast forward to today, the trees are not yet fully grown but it’s growing healthily. And every time I look at it, I remember the two of them.

Easy Succulent Plants DIY Gift Idea

If you are thinking having similar thing to give away for your party, like succulent plants, you can make them prettier and more special. Take a look at how with this inspiration.

Easy Succulent Plants DIY Gift Idea

Check out Hobnail House.

Baker’s twine and ribbons are nice touches in addition to burlap ribbon. Finish it with a nice personalized message and you’ll have an amazing favor our guests will surely remember.

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