Easy Lavender Bags DIY

Lavender has been known to have a lot of benefits. It has healing properties, it repels moths and mosquitoes, and it also aids in having a nice and wonderful sleep when they are placed near your pillow. Put it in your cabinet and it’ll make your clothes smell wonderful. Today, let’s learn how to make lavender bags. Look how easy it is!

Easy Lavender Bags DIY

Get Tutorial at She Quilts A Lot.

You can make a bunch of these lavender sachet bags for your own or to be given for your friends. They would make a nice party favor as well, don’t you think? All of these using scrap fabrics and little sewing skills. You can even sew these with your own hands. Give it a try! Have fun crafting!

Organic Lavender Flowers (Extra Grade - Dried)

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