Easy Homemade Fall Potpourri

Is your home ready for autumn? The temperature outside may not say it yet in your area but you can surely make it fell like fall inside your home. Aside from whipping up your favorite fall soup and baking to your heart’s desires, you can get your house ready for fall by filling it with your favorite autumn scents. Here’s a quick and easy potpourri recipe to make your home smelling like fall and smelling nice in no time.

Easy Homemade Fall Potpourri

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We love that this potpourri uses all natural ingredients; the apples, oranges, and cinnamon! We can almost imagine these scents filling up the house. If you want to make it extra fragrant, you can add fragrance or essential oil. This DIY would make a lovely gift as well. And would really come in handy when you have some friends over or if you’re throwing a party.

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