Cute Watermelon Rind Garnish

Are you throwing a summer party or any kind of party anytime soon? Show off your hosting skills by preparing ahead. Make a list of the things that you need to buy and to do. Food is the most important. Don’t forget about the drinks as well as the decorations. And remember, it’s all about the presentation. Here’s one charming idea that you can do, especially if serving watermelon margaritas is on the list.

Cute Watermelon Rind Garnish

Instructions at Vintage Kitty.

Who knew those cookie cutters are good for something else as well. Or you can grab some skewers and you can choose to make them stirrers instead. Pretty neat idea, right? Have a great summer party.

Wilton 2308-1134 Spring 18 Piece Metal Cookie Cutter Set

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