Crafty Hanging Organizer DIY

It’s always a good idea to have a place for everything. Certain items get lost most often than you think just because you have nowhere to place them. We always have a lot of things going on in our mind and we can’t help it that we forget things, or forget where we place them. Little things and even important things, just like your car keys or your asthma inhaler. Knowing where to reach them when they are needed can save you some headache later one. So make certain to have a place for them. Just like this really crafty organizer.

Crafty Hanging Organizer DIY

Go to The Lovely Drawer.

Making these baskets hang in your wall with thread will make it hard to miss and easier for your to leave or get your things when needed. Make sure you have something to cover the holes, like felt. We also love the wooden beads for the perfect details. Give it a try! Have fun crafting!

Round Bamboo Bread Stackable Basket

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