Easter Egg Button Art Decor

Ready for more Easter craft ideas? Let’s make some more eggs!

Now, it doesn’t have to be your traditional Easter eggs. We can make an egg that doesn’t have to involve actual eggs. Less mess fir everyone. How? Buttons!

Do you still keep those extra buttons you bought? Or maybe you got one of those that popped out from old clothing. It’s time to make use of those. Learn how to make this colorful Easter egg craft.

Easter Egg Button Art Decor

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It’s beyond adorable, right? We just love how you can recycle those buttons to create this cute egg. So festive. You can put it together with your Easter eggs or on your wall as a decor even after Easter. Have a happy crafting. And have a happy Easter.

Shappy 200 Pieces Resin Buttons Assorted Color Button

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