Easter Chick Cup DIY

Easter is almost here. You still have time to make your preparations and decorations for the party. Well, for us, Easter is about celebrations our Savior’s resurrection. It’s about spending it with family, doing old and creating new family traditions, eating of course, and doing some Easter crafting. If you are looking for a fun one, you can try this Easter chic made from recycled cup.

Easter Chick Cup DIY

Instructions at Midwestern Moms.

Isn’t it adorable? It’s a better use for your use k-cups. I was thinking of using our empty Play-Doh cups. Simply paint them yellow or leave them all in different colors, add some of your paper cut-outs, and glue. You can use these cups for table decorations or to put all the candies in it for the children. Have fun crafting and have a Happy Easter.


Play-Doh 10-Pack of Colors

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