DIY New Years Resolution List – Free Printable

Ready for the new year ahead? New years always mean renewal and new opportunity. Leave all the bad and old things behind and look forward to something new. Make it an exciting year and invite all the positive vibes to your life by making a new year’s resolutions list. Do it with glam and style with this inexpensive and easy-to-make DIYer.

Free New Years Resolution Printable

Get the Free Printable at Brite and Bubbly.

What would be a better way to follow your resolutions than to write them down? This way, you are always reminded of the things that you need to do. This blog site has a cute printable card that you can print for free. You can decorate it a little if you want to with glitters or ribbons. Make them magnetic so you can put it on your refrigerator door. I’ll nice to share it with your friends as well. Have fun crafting!

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