Crock Pot Dessert Idea – Crock Pot Cherry Pie Dessert

Crock pot cooking is so convenient. You just need to get your ingredients, put them in your slow cooker, and let it cook while you do some other stuff. You might think that you have limited options but there are actually a lot of delicious recipes that you can cook with it. One of our favorites is making crock pot desserts. Just like this 3-ingredient Crockpot Cherry Pie dessert. It’s so easy to prepare and the kids look forward to it almost every night.

Crock Pot Cherry Pie Dessert

You can find the full recipe at Raining Hot Coupons.

If you haven’t tried any crock pot meals, you are missing a lot. Once you’ve started, we are confident you will love it. Go to the nearest store, get your own slow cooker and start cooking with the help of this cookbook.

Slow Cooker Revolution

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