Hem a Dress – No Sewing Needed

Sometimes, there is no one size fits all. It can be tough going through all of the choices, wasting a lot of your time, when in the end, nothing fits you anyway. And the one that you really liked, and well within your budget, ends up being too long anyway. You always have the option to hem it. But if you think you have zero sewing skills, here’s one trick that can work for you.

Hem a Dress - No Sewing Needed

Check out The DIY Mommy.

It’s summer and it’s the perfect season to wear maxi dresses. And when you find that some of these dresses need hemming, hem tape can do the job for you. We just love that there’s no sewing required for those who doesn’t have a sewing machine, no sewing talent, or just simply don’t have the time at all. Easy! Have fun crafting!

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