Easy-Sew Beach Dress DIY

Swimwear is a must for your summer getaway plans. So are summer hats, glasses, and sun blocks. When you are ready to hit the beach, cover-up dresses are a way to make an impression and walk to the beach in style. Plus, they are comfortable and easy clothing to wear when you feel like hiding some skin first before diving in into the water. If you find yourself hesitating about buying from the store because, let’s all agree, they are on the expensive side, you can always make your own.

Easy-Sew Beach Dress DIY

Check out Gina Michele.

You are missing a lot if you won’t give this beach dress a try. Look for a nice Rayon fabric, drawstring cord, and your good ol’ sewing machine. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily make this project. Have fun crafting!

Rayon Challis Pineapple Print Berry

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