Easy Pom Pom Palm Clutch DIY

Looking for a clutch design that is perfect for summer? Look beyond those branded and overpriced pieces. You can achieve your summer look by designing your own. Plus you’d be more happy and proud when you know it is your own creation. You would be proud when you wear them to the office, when you go to the mall or a date with your girl friends.

Easy Pom Pom Palm Clutch DIY

Check out Riva la Diva.

Isn’t it lovely? The pompoms fringe are just an amazing detail. This is just easy to do with very little sewing skill. Who needs mall-bought clutches when you can do one better? And it’s really affordable too.

When you are looking to enhance your skills, take a look at this book.

Have fun crafting!

5,10,20 Meters Pom Pom Trim Fringe Ball Edging

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