Easy Crochet Scarf Wrap for Beginners

Admit it, coasters were the first thing you did when you learned how to crochet. 😉 When you’ve finished with that, you have these ideas in your mind about what project to do next. Mittens, beanies, tops, and scarves. All of these patterns seem intimidating at first. But once you know the basic, it goes smoothly from there. It’s all about finding the right pattern. And here’s one cozy scarf/wrap that you can try now that, as House Stark says, Winter is Coming.

Easy Crochet Scarf Wrap for Beginners

Full Details at One Dog Woof.

What we like about this patter is that it’s simple and modern. This is perfect crochet pattern for beginners who wants to keep warm, be fashionable, and save money at the same time. Get your needles out, find the yarns that you want, and have fun crocheting.

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