DIY Trendy Braided Choker

We thought that chokers are so last year. But it’s still the trend today with more and more celebrities wearing them. If you love a couple of them, or maybe a couple dozen of them, you can save more if you make them yourself. The advantage of a DIY is that it is unique and you can make as many as you want without having to spend so much. We know these accessories can easily hurt one’s wallet in the long run. So even if when the time came that they are no longer in style, you won’t regret spending money on them. Check out this blog and learn how she made hers. There’s a translation button below the tutorial.

DIY Trendy Braided Choker

Go to glòria fort _ studio.

Isn’t it trendy and cute? If you haven’t tried making your own accessories, you are missing a lot. With the right tools, you can create suede chokers, bracelets, and other jewelries for your friends, too. Or maybe turn it into a business. Stay fashionable and have fun crafting.

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