Cute Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie DIY

If you just had a baby, it’s time to let the little one meet the rest of the family this coming Easter gathering.

Easter is one of those holidays that is better spent with the whole family and close friends. And when you introduce the baby to them, make sure he looks more adorable! Here’s one idea that you can do. Let them wear a bunny onesie complete with a fluffy tail! How cute!

Cute Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie DIY

Instructions at The Crafting Nook.

Who could resist squishing this little bunny’s tail and the little munchkin who’s wearing it? You could make something this, too? It’s easier when you have experience in heat transfer vinyl, but it’s not that hard. And the little tail is of course made out of pompom. You can make one with your hands or use a pompom maker for ease.

Have fun crafting and have a happy Easter, everyone.

Clover Large Pom Pom Maker

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