Cozy Crochet Blanket Cardigan

With the cold weather starting to move in, we do what we can to keep ourselves warm and comfortable. And with the season changing, it also means new set of clothes for your wardrobe. It may not be the time to wear mittens and beanies yet but it’s the time to start wearing longer clothes and to cover up. You can always stay warm and cover up in style without breaking the bank. If you know how to crochet, this is an easy blanket cardigan that you can try.

Cozy Crochet Blanket Cardigan

Pattern at Mama in a Stitch.

I don’t know about you but we do not only find it cozy but also fashionable. So comfortable and yet so affordable. Learning how to crochet is not that hard. And this pattern is perfect for beginners. If you need a guide, here’s a book you can try. Chunky yarns and thick needles are easy to work with when you are just starting and you can go with the full crochet kit later. Have fun crafting!

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