Complete Your Princess Anna Costume with a DIY Cape

Who doesn’t love the movie Frozen? As I said previously, for sure there would be a lot of kids who will dress up like any character from the film. Olaf, the summer-loving snowman is too adorable. Elsa is the most popular but if your daughter loves Anna more, well, make an Anna costume for her this Halloween. It’s not that hard to make her costume and you can finish it up with a nice cape.

Complete Your Princess Anna Costume with a DIY Cape

Full tutorial and pattern at Fleece Fun.

We just love the pom poms. Don’t you, too? Sure you can always buy a finished one but where’s the fun in that? Plus, your little girl will love it more if they know you made it yourself.

Anna Costume


    • Homemade101 says

      You’re welcome, Angel! Your cape is too cute and easy to make. For sure, there would be a lot who’ll make this to add to their Anna costume.

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