Stunning Bead Chandelier DIY

We know that store-bought decor or furniture can cost a lot. A whole lot. They are stunning indeed and you are paying for the brand but some of these can get ridiculously expensive. Just like this wood bead chandelier you might have seen around lately. Talk about a stunning piece, right? But an average person may consider it waaay out of their budget. So what a DIYer can do is do some snooping around and might have seen something similar craft hack. And if you are looking for one, this bead chandelier DIY is just what you need.

Stunning Bead Chandelier DIY

Go to The House that Lars Built.

It’s so gorgeous. Simple proof that it’s all about knowing where to look. This one will save you hundreds of dollars using wooden beads of different sizes. Yes, this is heavy so you need metal rods and chain to hold them up, along with sturdy hoops. Check out the blog for the rest of the materials used and instructions. Have fun crafting!

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