Simple and Inexpensive Wall Hanging

A wall decor that is not only easy to make but costs less than $10? Count us in!

We are really a sucker for cute yet affordable wall decor. We all have that tingling feeling when we see our wall empty. We know that it needs something to fill in the space. It’s kind of difficult to go to the mall because you know that wall pieces can get really pricey. And sometimes, you might find yourself overspending. To avoid all of these and still end up with something that you like, a little DIY can be an amazing option. Here is something that you can do this weekend.

Simple and Inexpensive Wall Hanging

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Isn’t wonderful? And stunning too. Who would have thought that it only takes under an hour to make. So if your hands are not too buy this weekend, get them crafting. With few simple materials like tooling leather, adhesive and gold sheets, and eye pins. Don’t forget your punch and tools too. Have fun crafting!

Tooling Leather Piece Natural

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