Pretty New Year’s Eve Party Backdrop DIY

So how was your Christmas celebration? Did you get to spend it with your family and/or loved ones? For sure, it was a wonderful. Now, we can look forward to our New Year party. You might be one of those that just go and attend someone else’s party. But if you are not, if you are the one throwing a party this year, go all out and make it as sparkly and glittery as you can. For sure there will be a lot of selfies, groufies, and other picture-taking sessions. Make sure that it will be as wonderful as the memories you are making. Here is one idea that you could try.

Pretty New Year’s Eve Party Backdrop DIY

Check out Make and Tell.

Isn’t it wonderful? We love how it stands out but doesn’t demand too much attention. Also, it’s ridiculously easy to make. With just a few materials like metallic tissue and tape, you can make your decorations amazing. Happy crafting!

Gleam 'N Wrap Metallic Sheets

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